RSS is a data format which is used to transmit content for subscribers to a website.  This format allows you to distribute content without a browser using software designed to read these feeds.  Nevertheless, it is still possible to use a browser to view RSS content.  The latest versions of most major browsers can read RSS feeds without the need for additional software.   RSS is part of the family of XML formats developed specifically for all types of sites that are updated regularly and through which information can be shared and used on other web sites or programs. This is known as retransmission or syndication website (a mistranslation but very common).

This acronym is used to refer to the following standards:

Este acrónimo se usa para referirse a los siguientes estándares:


Thanks to aggregators or feed readers (programs or sites that allow you to read web sources) abstracts of all the sites which you would like from the desktop operating system, e-,mail programs or through web applications which act as aggregators.  It is not necessary to open the browser and visit dozens of websites.

But the important thing however, is that with this format, it is esentially creating a new way of passing information between commercial and business users.  As a result of this, several companies are exploring new ways to use and distribute information.